In Memoriam

Derek C. Hathaway, OBE

May 11, 1944 – October 22, 2015
Retired Harsco Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer

Collected Expressions of His Wisdom

“This bruised and battered world is in desperate need of leaders who are solutions to problems, people who are instruments of peace and order, people who sow love not hatred, people who bring faith where there is doubt, hope where there is despair, and people who bring light to dark situations and joy where there is sadness. Whatever we do, we can make it an act of service to mankind.”

“The secret to strategic thinking is an intellectual analysis of the current situation in order to utilize the resources available to create successful activity and execution. Organize the future, and then predict it.”

“Wisdom and experience are hard-earned, valuable resources, representing a significant off-balance-sheet asset.”

“ME + D = C: Managed Expectations + Delivery = Credibility.”

“Think, gather evidence, weigh it and make judgments. Our opinions are our own, but the facts are common property. Too many are anxious to make decisions, but not careful enough about making judgments.”

“The symbol for Harsco on the New York Stock Exchange is HSC. H: Have a bias toward action. S: Seek input from all sources before acting. Impulse is the cause of many problems. C: Challenge the status quo.”