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Core Values

Strong values are the solid foundation of Harsco’s success.  They define who we are and how we interact with our customers, our suppliers, our communities, and our colleagues.  Our shared commitment to Harsco’s core values will help us build an enduring enterprise that will stand the test of time and create sustainable value for years to come.

Harsco’s core values are:

  1. Uncompromising integrity and ethical business practices;

  2. Our people (the “A Team”);

  3. Continuous improvement; and

  4. Value creation discipline

We implement and reinforce these values through a number of channels:

Uncompromising Integrity and Ethical Business Practices

Code of Conduct

High standards of integrity are fundamental to the way we do business. These standards are outlined in our Harsco Corporation Code of Conduct, which we issue to all Harsco directors, officers and employees. The Code is also made available to our major suppliers, representatives and consultants, who are encouraged to comply with its applicable provisions.

View Harsco's Code of Conduct (PDF), or obtain a printed copy by contacting the Corporate Communications department at the Harsco corporate office.

Community Involvement

Harsco aims to be a responsible corporate citizen in each of the communities in which we operate. Good citizenship and community participation are encouraged of all Harsco employees.

Through our Harsco Corporation Fund charitable giving arm, Harsco provides financial and other support to charitable, educational, medical, and cultural activities having wide community application and support. Most of these contributions result from requests from local operating management in annual budgets. The Fund is not a grant-giving organization in the usual sense of the word; that is, it seldom makes gifts in response to unsolicited requests, or to organizations with limited purposes or special projects that do not receive wide public support.

In the field of education, Harsco participates in the U.S. National Merit Scholarship Program and a parallel international scholarship program to award college-level tuition assistance to the top-performing children of our employees in support of their career goals.

Our People (the "A Team")

Without Level 5 leaders committed to a culture of discipline; without the right people in the right seats; and without teamwork, integrity and a passion for winning from all staff, our ascent from good to great cannot be realized.  The people of our business, our human capital, are the catalysts who make all the other factors work together to create winning and sustainable performance.

Harsco’s Human Capital Framework is an enterprise-wide system consisting of six interdependent activities that never cease.

  1. Recruitment and Selection of A-Team People using rigorous competency-based processes.

  2. Compensation and Benefits managed under a global compensation structure to ensure that Harsco attracts, retains and engages the right talent for our good to great journey.

  3. Performance Management practices that ensure that each employee has measurable goals relevant to business performance and for their own individual development.

  4. Succession Planning to flexibly support Harsco’s continuing growth.

  5. Training and Development to give our people the required knowledge and skills to conduct their jobs and to prepare for future jobs.

  6. Workforce Planning discipline and structure to ensure that all other elements knit together.

Continuous Improvement

Continuous improvement is the way great companies work, think and act on a daily basis.  Done right, a continuous improvement culture can transform an organization.  Harsco’s continuous improvement culture is based on Lean and Six Sigma, which combines two of the most powerful improvement disciplines available today:  Lean’s focus on elimination of waste and Six Sigma’s focus on reduction of variation. 

Value Creation Discipline

Economic Value Added, or EVA®, represents the actual value that a company creates after all its costs are met – including the cost of the capital provided by stockholders and lenders. We apply EVA analysis to every major capital investment and procurement decision that we consider, and have made EVA performance the principal factor in our incentive compensation program at the management level company-wide. It continues to be our view that maximizing long-term EVA is consistent with maximizing shareholder value.