Meeting the Call of Innovation Head-on

Heavy industries face a turning point. Regulations are tighter, and so are natural resources. Profitability and sustainability must connect. Harsco is committed to helping customers meet these challenges today - and anticipate the challenges of tomorrow.

Harsco's technology partnerships connect our customers to innovation pioneers. Together, we're forging a healthier and more sustainable environment.

“As heavy industries worldwide face an increasingly stringent regulatory climate, our relationships with committed partners such as Harsco respond to these challenges with technology-based solutions for a cleaner environment.”
— Dr. Jennifer Holmgren, CEO, LanzaTech

Oily mill scale, a byproduct of steelmaking, contains valuable iron units traditionally lost to the steelmaking process due to oil contamination. Our partnership with UK-based Equinox Environmental Ltd. uses a high-pressure water process to scrub oil contamination from the scale. Metal returns to the mill for use, and the oil can be sold or re-used. Equinox's technology can also release valuable oil from refinery tank bottoms and cleanse contaminants from abandoned sites.

In addition, steel mills encounter increasing pressure to reduce their carbon footprint. We've partnered with New Zealand-based LanzaTech to solve this long-standing problem through biotechnology. The LanzaTech process captures flue gases and converts them into fuel-grade ethanol. Reclaimed steel mill gases have the potential to produce 30 billion gallons of ethanol a year, reducing global reliance on food crops as fuel and increasing the sustainability of modern steelmaking.

Discovering challenges. Developing solutions. Deploying answers worldwide. That's how Harsco provides Insight Onsite.