Harsco Air-X-Changers Lead Industry in Quality, Safety Standards

When Harsco Industrial Air-X-Changers recently shipped its 75,000th cooler section, it marked a milestone in industry excellence.

Five decades ago, Air-X-Changers pioneered performance-driven cooling products. Today, our air-cooled heat exchangers for gas compressors are the preferred choice of energy suppliers worldwide. Since 1958, every one of our coolers has been certified to meet the rigorous international standards set by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

The landmark cooler section also marks Harsco’s increasing growth in international markets. This section is part of a multi-unit compressor station project in Mansoura, Egypt that will help bring more natural gas to the Egyptian market.

“It testifies to the unmatched experience and expertise that goes into every product we ship – and to the long tradition of excellence in engineering and manufacturing we’re building upon as we move forward in serving the worldwide gas compression industry,” said AXC Vice President and General Manager Eric Clower.

Passionate performance. World-class safety standards. Quality from the start. That’s how Harsco provides Insight Onsite.