Harsco Rail Smoothing the Way in Milan

Beneath the streets of Milan, Italy, the Metro moves the agents of global commerce, industry and finance. Italy's longest underground system will grow again in 2014 - and Harsco Rail will be there to ensure a steady ride.

An expertly maintained rail line not only provides a smoother and quieter commute, it helps prevent accidents and costly delays. When Harsco's newest rail grinder debuts in Milan, it will mark another milestone in product flexibility. The Harsco Rail C-Model grinder is being engineered to meet the challenges provided by smaller passageways and tighter clearances, a hallmark of European cities. Its modular design allows multiple configurations, giving customers the flexibility they need, enabling track conditions to be addressed quickly and efficiently. Additionally, Harsco Rail's contracting services will provide grinding solutions to Milan Metro so they can count on Harsco to keep the track in optimal condition.

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