Harsco Rail Partners With Swiss Railway Department to Service the World’s Longest Tunnels

More than 2300 meters below the Swiss Alps, the world’s longest tunnels – the Gotthard and Ceneri Base Tunnels – are being constructed. When the first of the two tunnels, the Gotthard, opens in 2016, it will significantly improve the movement and environmental impact of transporting goods and passengers through some of Europe’s most challenging terrain.

Harsco Rail bested large competitors for the more than the $100 million contract to supply Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) with track maintenance equipment. Harsco Rail will provide a combination of specialty vehicles and Utility Track Vehicles (UTVs), a highly versatile rail-based maintenance configuration equipped with cranes, generators and/or work platforms that is widely used by railways throughout the world. Our Rail team is also developing new technology that will further support the government’s emissions reduction aims by utilizing an advanced, dual-mode traction system which, in turn, reduces diesel fuel consumption. Delivery of the first vehicle for is scheduled for 2015.

The SBB award considerably broadens the business landscape for Harsco Rail, introducing the first products the division will design and manufacture in Europe. Harsco Rail will purchase forty percent of the content for the UTVs from Swiss suppliers, and also will utilize components from other proven European railway suppliers.

“The SBB contract marks a new chapter in Harsco Rail’s history,” said Harsco Rail President Scott Jacoby. “Our European team is building technical and local sourcing relationships that add another dimension to our capabilities, particularly in such an influential equipment market as Europe. We’re excited to see our Harsco UTVs leading a new generation of railway maintenance vehicle technology.”